Yep. Exceptionally good at vanishing….

Sorry about that. Where was I?

Oh yes. My kick ass summer. It was AMAZING. I did no work. None. Zip. Zero. Nil. I baked my body in the sun. I drank too much. I traveled – The Caribbean, Alaska, New Mexico, California, Salt Lake City, etc…. I lost myself and found myself again. The only word to describe it is EPIC.

And then August came. Actually, the end of July as my new job paid me to start a week early because they were behind. This is a completely new branch of an established organization, and when you are creating new things, it’s a bit chaotic. I literally worked 15-20 hours a day through to September when things started to slow down a little. Really though, it has not stopped. I’ve moved offices three times as my job title has changed three times… in five months. All good changes, mind you, but it does make it impossible to stay ahead of the game. You are always playing catch up.

But I am very happy.

Despite the stress, here’s what I don’t have to worry about: Listening to constant pro-Trump talk, having to stomach the pro-conservative positions of literally everyone I work with, and being forced to nod and smile when my colleagues and superiors discuss any kind of issue concerning the greater world. Money. I haven’t had to worry about that since my paycheck almost doubled. Also, I haven’t been had to worry over my very liberal, arguably non-religious leanings.

Speaking of religion…. I haven’t been to church since early summer. I’m not likely to go back. More on that later.

In other good news, while my books are officially out-of-print, I’ve had four other larger items published in the last five months, and I’m on target for one a month through June.

In short: The risk to quit my job, abandon my former career in the church, and look for something that was relating to what I actually believe has been, hands down, THE BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE. Take that, self-doubt.

That’s it for now. I know it’s Sunday, but I’m sitting in my office right now, and I’ve got some glorious, fulfilling work to do. See you later!


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