I’ve discovered how good I am at vanishing….

Which would be great in cases of, say, the apocalypse… but in every other case it either makes people angry or worried. 

Sorry for my lack of communication especially during this transition time. I have no excuse except to say that I’m a lazy bum. 


My last day was May 26th. It’s over. I no longer work for the church. Those last few weeks had gotten really, really bad. I spent a lot of time hiding in my office. But it’s over now, so YAY!!! My new gig starts officially in August so I’ve been spending a lot of time…. sitting on the back porch with a cocktail reading and getting a sun tan. Remember what I said about the bum part? I wasn’t kidding. In more good news, the new job has agreed to pay me for any time I’m needed in June or July. I’ve logged a few hours, but thats expected to pick up next month. I may be a bum, but I won’t be a penniless one. 

There’s been some bad stuff, too – life isn’t all roses and sunshine. I am… or was… a published author. My christian book contract has now been cancelled and my books are technically out of print. Honestly, though, it’s probably for the best. I do still have another work published by another company…. but a part of me feels like I’m starting over. Still, perhaps a fresh start is what I need. 

Now, this lazy bum is going on vacation. HA! I’m dropping off the face of the earth for at least the next 10 days. Sorry, friends. I just don’t need to be responsible to anyone during this recovery. That includes my blog. 

Peace out! I’ll be back on the blog and answering emails when I return to reality sometime in July. Please have a nice drink in some sunshine and think of me. 😘🏝🍷

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