Thinking Aloud

I was interviewed for a podcast recently. You can find it here:

I found Byron really easy to talk to, and at some point, I forgot the conversation was being recorded. That always makes for the best podcast material, right? Of course, like most artistic people, I am also hyper critical of myself. I was afraid I might come across as loony, but having listened to the podcast, it appears that I might actually be a sensible person. 😛

One thing I would like to expand upon – I am an advocate for freedom of religion, and I certainly believe that religious organizations have the right to hire people that conform to their beliefs and can certainly chose who they will serve within their community. That being said, religious organizations that choose this form of discrimination should NOT receive funding from the state or federal government. Period. Right now, my organization which is religious in nature receives some government funding. Not a lot, mind you. But it shouldn’t be any at all.

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  1. I enjoyed this conversation as well.
    I really thought your insights could really help people connect with those of opposed views.
    And thanks for letting people know about the podcast.


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