Well, technically, I am still in my old job. But I accepted a position with a new organization. I start August 1st, so I am going to have to go through two solid months without a paycheck but it’s completely worth it. Savings will get me through.

A Brief Description: Public organization and non-religious. I’ll be doing exactly what I have been trained to do. I’ll be making $20,000 more than I am making now.

No, I am not kidding about that last part. How many years have I been selling myself short under the guise of “working in the ministry”???!!! Too long. WAY TOO LONG.

Oh and the meeting during which I accepted the position? A Jew, Baptist, Episcopalian, and an Atheist Рtwo men and two women Рsat down for a chat over coffee. They laughed, talked, and were ridiculously excited about the future of their organization. And no one talked about religion, no one argued about god, no one felt the need to pray. The end.

True story.

26 days to FREEDOM!!! 3 months to the job I know I’m going to LOVE!!!

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