I Feel Like a High School Senior

Why? Because I have to make a decision by May 1st, the same day that many high school seniors will commit to their colleges. I have one official job offer with a May 1st deadline and another on the way. I have an interview on Friday, and there’s a possibility that could result in a third offer.

Sooo…. YAY!!!!!!!! My little leap of faith… in myself, mind you…. seems to be paying off. And I realized I have totally undervalued myself. People working in the ministry often do not make a lot of money; we accept paltry sums with the explanation that we are making a sacrifice for our God. This deserves another post, but for now I’ll tell you that my official offer (job 1) is nearly double my current salary. The second offer (job 2) that I’m expecting will probably be a little less than that one, but it may actually be where I would prefer to work. If a third offer (job 3) comes in, it might be slightly above the first offer. Here’s the break down: 

Job 1: New branch of an existing company. The chance to build my own department from scratch. Kind of exciting, but a lot of risk and kind of scary. The company is totally secular, but I know my immediate boss is conservative and religious because she mentioned liking my background. Doesn’t really matter… She can’t fire me when the truth comes out!

Job 2: Very liberal secular branch of an established company but with ties to a liberal church. My two immediate bosses appear to be pretty liberal. There’s no risk here. Honestly, I could come into their organization and be a rock star. I could probably shout from the rooftops that I was liberal and voted for Clinton and no one would care.

Job 3: I would be doing something that I really love but in an environment that I’m not so sure about. Yes, it would be liberal and secular, but I’m not sure that it would be very friendly. I’ll learn a little more at the interview on Friday.

So there you have it. It’s good to have choices! Your input is appreciated. 

48 days to freedom. 48 days to no paycheck. 

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