I Could Have Been There

I could have been there.
Only a few days ago, I walked down Westminster and took the tube from the station of the same name. I had a fantastic view of the Houses of Parliament and the Abby. When I heard about the attacks, as I was getting off my flight from London, I immediately thought…
I could have been there.
I was in central Paris when I heard of the attack at a small airport outside the city. It didn’t effect my day at all but I could not help but think…
I could have been there.
Last year, the day before the Brussels airport attack, I flew home from an overseas trip through Paris. It was uneventful. But watching the news of the attack on the TV, I knew that….
I could have been there.
I shop often at a mall that’s close to my house. When I heard about the robbery and shooting there, I thought…
I could have been there.
When my husband and I chanced upon a car wreck that occurred only a moment before and witnessed a family, screaming, their arms frantically clawing at the ground to pull themselves out of an overturned vehicle, I thought…
I could have been there.
The reality is that at any moment, any time, we all could have been there. No matter where we are, home or abroad, this world is crowded by danger and human evil. Am I putting myself at risk by continuing to travel despite the world’s horrors? Of course. But leaving the house in the morning is a risk, a curious gamble that we take every day.
I could have been there.
But I will not live my life in a box of fear. I will not allow the “could haves” to turn into “I would have, but…” Staying home will not protect me or anyone else from the dangers of living life, and I will not let human evil stand in the way of my desire to see the world. When I am sitting on the front porch of old age, I will sing the songs of a woman well-traveled, one who speaks the cultures of many peoples and welcomes all to her table with trust and love. My songs will not be crowded with shoulda, woulda, couldas but will ring with the thundering bell of I DID.
Yes, I could have been there. That is true. But I’m already there, each and everyday when I decide this world is worth living for.

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  1. Hi, CL

    I hear you saying you want to see the rest of the world, but the “world” you talk about is that of your European ancestors, that is, the “White World.” I’m just wondering when you intend to visit places like South America, Africa, The Middle East, India, and the Far East (actually closer to Far West from you). I’m not trying to be mean, and I applaud your efforts to visit places more liberal than your Yellow Rose home state, but I do hope you intend to broaden your horizons even further, putting yourself into “alien” worlds where not everyone speaks English.Maybe then you will see that becoming liberal is only one step away from your conservative background. In order to gain better sight and insight, spend a week in Afghanistan, or South Africa. Anywhere where you will be in the minority will do. Just suggesting, you know…


    1. Ummm. Yeah. It’s really interesting that you assume I haven’t already traveled to some of these places. My “Yellow Rose” state? What on earth? Anytime you use the words “not to be mean”… your probably making a judgement that just might be untrue. Check yourself. This comment reeks troll…


  2. “Reeks troll???” No idea what that means. And yes, I wondered if you had travelled elsewhere, but the only travels you talked about were to Europe, so I took you at your word. Never heard the song “Yellow Rose of Texas”? It was one of my favourites growing up. Not a judgment, just an observation. Besides which, any comment or “judgment” could be wrong, that’s part of life. I was hoping to start a conversation with you, but looks like I chose a bad time and the wrong blog to try that. My apologies for having contacted you.


    1. I’m not willing to converse with someone who makes a comment (that I didn’t approve) which supports the assassination of the president. Regardless of political stance, that’s totally inappropriate. Perhaps I was a bit aggressive in my response to you because of that, but that kind of posting is not welcome on my blog.


      1. No problem, I don’t advocate killing anyone or anything. Talking about assassinating Trump is just an extreme exaggeration of how dangerous I think he is for the rest of the world. I’m very afraid he is going to start World War III if he isn’t reigned in soon. And, World War III would be likely to be World War Last, because the odds of survival, liberal, conservative, socialist, communist, or anarchist, would be extremely low. Thank you for your apology, and if ever I write on your blog again I will be sure to stay away from aggressive words. It was the kind of day I was having, and your blog was used as a venue to vent. My apology to you for that.


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