On Yoga Pants and Women’s Day

BurgerThe first thing I did on International Women’s Day was open my Facebook feed, and there, staring at me from the very top of my feed, were two pictures (taken covertly) of a woman in tight yoga pants sitting a fast food chain at midnight eating two large orders of French fries. The woman was perhaps of medium stature and curvy though not large by any stretch. Still, the yoga pants were pretty tight fitting and admittedly not very attractive. The pictures were accompanied by a comment which mocked this woman, her choice or pants, and her foray into junk food. The pictures and comment were posted by a fellow female.

THIS. This is a small battle I can fight.

Yes, I can advocate for women’s equality and speak truth about pay gaps and snarky comments made by men. But honestly, unless we women can also hold each other accountable for our own cattiness, nothing we say will hit home. We – both men and women – must stop making fun of each other and accept that, gosh darn it, sometimes you just want French fries in the middle of the night and you happen to be wearing yoga pants! That doesn’t give anyone – male or female – the right to take covert pictures of you and attack your body on Facebook. These small acts of anti-body-acceptance, childish bullying add up.

So I made a comment.

I pointed out that we’ve all had these days and that passing judgment and taking covert pictures seemed to me to be very unkind. It wasn’t an aggressive post, but it was honest. So what happened?

I was promptly unfriended and blocked without any explanation. This is a person I see on a regular basis, not some distant friend from high school. So… yeah… Confrontation anyone? We shall see…

And that was my International Women’s Day. 😛

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  1. The woman in the photo may have just spent all evening working out. She may allow herself occasional fries as a reward for meeting a fitness goal, and she used to weigh 300 pounds. He mother-in-law may be staying over at her house and she just really needs a break.

    I hate that people are so judgey of each other, without knowing what their life is like. I remember once when I was renting a house, my landlord made an inspection while I was out. He left me a nastygram for my kitchen being untidy. Well, the day before I had just had a miscarriage, and cleaning the kitchen was not on the agenda for anyone in my family right then. I completely lost it. Only the calm intervention of my spouse kept me from calling the landlord and having a tantrum right there over the phone.

    We cut ourselves so much slack, and rarely do the same for others.

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